How to Find Data Entry Jobs From Home

Data Entry Jobs From Home If you've ever tried to find data entry jobs from home on the Internet, you probably were frustrated at the overwhelming number of scams and rip-offs out there.

There ARE legitimate companies that offer data entry jobs from home, but, because of the relentless efforts of scammers who flood the Web with fake sites, fraudulent advertisements, and spam, the legit companies are hard to find. You have to sift through a ton of garbage to find one pearl.

Below are some genuine companies that offer data entry jobs from home

Axion Data Services - All of Axion's data entry jobs are for independent contractors working from home. You are responsible for providing your own computer equipment and software. Click on the "Employment"' link on the site to get more info and to see if they are currently hiring.

Capital Typing - This company gets clients from a range of different industries, then outsources the work to people with the right skills for the job. Go to their site and click the "Employment" link for info.

Dion Data Solutions - From the company's Web site: "We provide all training and programs at NO cost to you with no requested hidden fees of any kind." Go to the home page of this site and click on the link "Opportunities." Note: I couldn't find this link on ANY other page of the site, so make sure you go to the home page.

Key For Cash - From the company's Web site: "KeyForCash is a website that enables you to type at home, at your leisure, and for extra money." There are a lot of good questions with answers on the "About Us" page that should answer many questions you might have regarding what this company offers.

Companies that offer jobs such as administrative, clerical, and data entry are usually overloaded with applicants. Check back from time to time or sign up with them to be put on a waiting list for consideration of future employment if they're not currently hiring.

Things to consider:

  • Data-entry jobs are among the most popular home-based jobs on the Web. There will be a lot of competition. Waiting lists can be long.
  • If you'd rather work for yourself, you might want to think about becoming a virtual assistant.
  • Because the area of data entry jobs is so infested with scams, always keep your guard up, and most importantly - NEVER pay anyone so that you can work for them. If they ask for money, run the other way.

Search terms worth trying:

  • "administrative assistant" + "from home"
  • "word processing" + "from home"

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